Looks like another robot apocalypse story.  

Only this time, you have to defend yourself using the only technology you can trust: old-fashioned house appliances! 

A game by

Javs Galego

With music by


StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Robots, Tower Defense, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes


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Plants vs... I mean, Appliances vs Bots

Haha, I didn't want to be the same also in the name :)

I scored 22,860, fun game concept and I like the graphics too.  Would be great to see this with wider boards with extra house appliances to put down, like maybe an oven flamethrower or fan that slows enemies down.

Thanks for your feedback!
Yes, I would like to see more content to this game in the future too. Right now I'm taking a break from this project, and I'm developing other plans I had in mind, but there's definetely many fun ideas to explore for new enemies, defenders, and even events and stages. 

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~36k with two farthest lines of guns w/o fridges.

P.S.: My first reaction about batteries, why they don't explode?

Woah, great score! 

Yeah, I don't use fridges that much either, they're a bit situational, mostly for unlucky early games and very chaotic late games.

Batteries do explode! Maybe you were unlucky (or lucky, depending on what your strategy was!)

Thanks for playing :) 

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About batteries, i mean just standard place-able batteries.

This game reminds me PlantsVsZombies, and i expected mines analog. (Yes i know, sunflower - battery more intuitive, just talk about my impression)

And yes, overload, add new mmm sides to familiar game mechanic.

I take it back, fridges useful... My new best. (Trick just in placing fridges in front of big enemy wave to delay it and be quickly destroyed before overload with new row wave)

Oh wow, you just about beated my record of ~41k!! Haha, congrats! 

And about the placeable batteries, they can explode! Unless you mean that they explode when an enemy enters the base, in that case, no.

I'm really glad you enjoy the game. A mine analog is probably one of the next bits I want to add, as well as new enemies, so that the player is somewhat forced to adapt to new strategies. Also, right now the rythim of the game just keeps increasing, in the future I want to have a more complex difficulty curve without resorting to traditional waves like in PvZ (which btw, of course inspired this game, I just wanted a more frenetic experience, with less wait times)

Yes, i talk about explosion on crash or touch.

It's interesting, i will be watch for updates.

The force energy is with you...